HF Transceivers

HF/6m/2m/70cm All Mode Transceiver

HF/6m All Mode Transceiver

144/430MHz VHF/UHF Portable FM Txcvr

65W VHF FM Mobile Transceiver

HF 100W All Mode Transceiver

144/430MHz VHF/UHF Hi-Pwr Portable

VHF 144MHz Portable Transceiver

HF/6m Transceiver All Mode Transceiver

HF/6m/2m/70cm All Mode Transceiver

10m thru 70cm Mobile All Mode Transceiver

VHF/UHF Mobile FM Transceiver

VHF 75W Mobile FM Transceiver

VHF 55W Mobile FM Transceiver

VHF/UHF Portable FM Transceiver

VHF/UHF Low Power Portable FM Txcvr

VHF 5W Portable FM Transceiver

VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver

VHF 50W Mobile Transceiver

Credit Card-size VHF/UHF Transceiver

VHF 5W Portable Transceiver

VHF/UHF Portable 5W Transceiver

144/430/1296MHz 5W Portable Txcvr

Mid-Band VHF 66-88MHz Mobile Transceiver

Mid-Band 66-88MHz Portable Transceiver

Mid-Band VHF 66-88MHz Portable Transceiver



bhi Noise Eliminating DSP Speaker

NEDSP1061 module for any radio

bhi NEIM1031for Headphones etc

Add-On Module for External Speakers

Iambic CW/Morse Key/Paddle

Straight CW/Morse Key

Optional Radial for CP-6 80m segment

Heavy Duty Antenna Mount

Medium Duty Mobile Antenna Mount

2-axis Light Duty Mobile Ant. Mount

3-axis Med. Duty Mobile Ant. Mount

3-axis Med/Heavy Duty Mobile Ant. Mt

Heavy Duty Tilt adjustable Rack Mount

Heavy Duty Roof Rack Mount

Motorised Bracket needs KTH;KRR;KRS

111mm-dia Magnetic Mount w/4m coax

High Performance Boom Mic Headset

Boom Mic Headset for any radio

Single-sided Boom Mic/Headset

Dual Earpad Boom Mic/Headset

High Performance Single Mic Headset

DX-quality hand microphone w/o stand

Foot-operated PTT Switch for Boom Mic Headsets

Noise Cancelling Headset for Industrial and Sport Applications

Hustler Support Mast for Resonators Foldover at 15"

Hustler Support Mast for Resonators Foldover at 27"

Hustler Support Mast for Resonators Non-foldover

Hustler Short Support Mast for 'bakkies'' w/tips

Hustler 10m band 28-29MHz Resonator

Hustler 15m Band 21MHz Resonator

Hustler 17m Band 18MHz Resonator

Hustler 20m Band 14MHz Resonator

Hustler 30m Band 10MHz Resonaator

Hustler 40m Band 7MHz Resonator

Hustler 40m Band 600W wide band Resonator

Hustler 80m Band 3.5-4MHz Resonator

Hustler 80m Band 600W wide band Resonator

Hustler RSS-2 Resonator Spring

Hustler Quick Disconnect for masts or resonators

Hustler Spring and Ball Joint HF Mobile Antenna Mount

Sam's Radio Accessories

HF Mobile Antenna Mount

HF Mobile Antenna Controller for Tarheel-II

HF Mobile Antenna Digital Controller for Screwdriver Antennas

HF Radio Modem for Packet, CW, RTTY, Amtor, Pactor-I/II/III, Navtex, FAX, SSTV, PSK31

Directional Rotator with Control Box

Satellite/EME Tracking Rotator

Light Duty Antenna Rotator for compact arrays

Medium Duty Antenna Rotator e. 3-el yagi//6-el 6m beam

Medium to Heavy Duty Rotator 6, 7, 8-el HF Yagis

Medium to Heavy Duty Rotator 6, 7, 8-el HF Yagis w/DCU-1 digital controller

Heavy Duty Rotator 7 to 13 el HF Yagi


Butternut 40m/80m Vertical Antenna

Butternut 80m thru 10m Vertical Antenna

Butternut 80m to 6m Vertical inc WARC

Butternut Mini Beam 20m to 10m

Compact HF Antenna 6 to 40m w/tripod

Compact HF Antenna 6 to 40m w/case

VHF 10-el 144-146MHz 11.6dBi yagi

UHF 10-el 430-440MHz 13.1dBi yagi

VHF 4.5dBi GP Base Antenna 1.7m L

VHF 3.4dBi GP Base Antenna 1.7m L

VHF 3.5dB GP Base Antenna 1.5m L

UHF 6.5dB GP Base Antenna 1.7m L

VHF 6.5dB GP Base Antenna 2.7m L

6m to 80m Base No Radials Vert. 4.6m

6m Base Station Vertical 500W-max

Discone Ant. Tx on 6m2m/70cm/23cm

VHF 7.8dB GP Base Antenna 4.6m L

2m/70cm 3/5.5dB 150W GP Ant. 1.3m L

2m/70cm 4.5/7.2dB 200W GP Ant. 1.7m-L

2m/70cm 6/8dB 200W GP Ant 2.5m L

2m/70cm 8.3/11.7dB 200W GP 5.2m L

2m/70cm 9.3/13.0dBi 200W GP 7.2mL

6m/2m/70cm Vertical GP Ant 2.5m L

2m/70cm/23cm 2.6/5.8/9.2dBi GP 1.3m L

HF 2-30MHz Travelling Wave Ant 25m L

HF-2-28.6MHz Travelling Wave 10m L

2m VHF 4.1dB Mobile Ant. 1.45m L

2m/70cm Dual Band short 29cm-L Ant.

10m/6m/2m/70cm 4-band Mob Ant 1.26mL

2m VHF 4.1dB 150W Mobile Ant. 1.41m L

2m VHF 6.5dB 100W Mobile Ant 2.6m L

2m VHF 3.4dB 200W Mob Ant. 1.33m L

VHF 2.15dBi Mobile Antenna 52cm L

VHF 3.4dB 200W Mobile Ant 1.42m L

UHF Band 3.4dB Mobile Ant. 57cm

UHF Band 2.15dB Mobile Ant. 31cm L

UHF Band 3.4dB Mobile Ant. 54cm L

Mobile Magnetic Mount Light Antennas

2m/70cm Dual Band Ant. 70W 50cm L

2m/70cm Dual Band 200W Ant. 98cm L

2m/70cm Dual Band Mob. Ant Black

2m/70cm VHF/UHF Mob. Ant 43cm L

2m/70cm VHF/UHF Mob. Ant 1.1m L

2m/70cm VHF/UHF Mob. Ant 96cm L

2m/70cm VHF/UHF Mob. Ant 1.06m L

2m/70cm VHF/UHF Mob. Ant 1.58m L

Tarheel 6m-80m HF 200W Scewdriver Antenna

Tarheel LT-MT1 Proprietary Mount for LT-II Antenna

Tarheel Mobile Mount for Tarheel-II Antenna

RF Industries VHF to UHF end-fed Base Antennas

RF Industries VHF to UHF Folded Dipole Base Antennas

RF Industries Predator Budget Base Antennas CB to UHF Telemetry

Webb Industries Folded Dipole Base Antennas VHF trough to UHF

Webb Industries Zara range mobile VHF/UHF

3-el 10/15/20m Triband Yagi for limited space 600W handling

3-el 10/15/20m Triband Yagi for limited space 1500W handling

5-el 10/15/20m Dual Driven Element Wideband Triband Antenna 1500W handling

7-el 10/15/20m Triband Yagi with high gain on all bands 1500W handling

11-el 10/12/15/17/20m 5-Band Yagi with log-cell driven elements 2kW Handling

30m or 40m monoband rotatable dipole antenna. 14m long element 1500W

2-element 40m beam on 5m boom with superior performance 1500W Handling

3-el 30m or 40m beam on 11m boom with add-on kit 1500W handling

TGM 2-el Quad/Yagi 6m/10/12/15/17/20m Av. Gain 5dB limited space antenna

TGM 3-el Quad/Yagi 6m/10/12/15/17/20m Av. Gain 6.5dB limited space antenna

TGM-26 el Quad/Yagi 6m/10/12/15/17/20m

Cushcraft A-3S 3-eL Triband Yagi 10/15/20m Av. 8dB gain. 40m A743 add-on optional

Cushcraft A-4S 4-el Triband Yagi 10/15/20m Av. Gain 8.9dB 40m A743 add-on optional

Cushcraft 3-el 12/17m WARC Band beam 30m-band add-on optional.

Cushcraft Compact 5-Band10/12/15/17/20m Antenna Lightweight

Cushcraft 10/12/15/17/20m ''no radial'' Vertical Antenna

Cushcraft R-6000 10/12/15/17/20m ''no radial'' Vertical Antenna 6.25m High 1500W

R-8 covers 28/24/21/18/14/10 and 7MHz bands no radials required 8.7m high 1500W

8-Band 6-40m Band Vertical Antenna inc. WARC Bands no radials 7.9m 1500W

9-Band 6-80m Band Vertical Antenna inc. WARC Bands 8.1m high no radials 1500W

7-Band 10-40m Band Vertical Antenna (needs ground radials) 9m high 1500W

8-Band 10-80m Band Vertical Antenna (needs ground radiials) 7.8m High 1500W

W2AU 1:1 Balun for Inverted Vees, Dipoles 1500W

W2AU 4:1 Closed Loop Antennas 1500W

W2AUB Beam Model for yagis, log periodics. 1500W

KW-40 40m Traps for Inverted Vee or dipole antennas

KW-80 80m Trap coils for Inverted Vees or Dipoles

Power Supplies

Antenna Tuners

SWR & Power Meters


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